Past Members

Shiyi (Iris) Yang

Research: As a Bioinformatics Analyst, Iris focused on novel statistical method development for emerging data (single-cell RNA seq data, etc.) generated with new technologies and bringing useful mathematical methods towards solve biological problems. She enjoy learning biology by providing practical insights from a statistical point of view and created a computational method DecontX for upstream data processing guidance to estimate and remove contamination for single-cell RNA-seq data. She also worked on a bi-clustering method Celda towards identifying rare cell types in single cell data. 

Role: Bioinformatics Analyst

Next position: Intellia Therapeutics

Outside links: LinkedIn, Github

Mi Huang

Research: I am UX/UI designer with background in marketing and graphic design. I received a Masters degree in Arts Administration at Boston University. I have been performing digital, print, and interactive design and helped developed the camplab website. 

Role: Web designer

Outside links: LinkedIn, Personal website

Tianmu (Timo) Hu

Research: I am a Computational Biologist in the Single Cell Sequencing Core and Microarray Sequencing Resource Core. I obtained my Masters in Bioinformatics from Boston University. I am interested in Next Genome Sequencing (NGS) and cancer research. I work on developing streamlined pipelines for the analysis and display of single cell data. 


Outside links: LinkedIn, Github

Morgan Thompson